[Advaita-l] Re The stance of the upadeshasaahasrii on Ignorance, Deep Sleep

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Thu Jun 6 20:32:10 CDT 2013

I think what Shankara has said in more than one place in the bhashya-s that
'there cannot be a bhAvotpatthiH from abhAva' is at the basis of Karthik's
question.  From a non-bhAvarUpa avidyA/ajnAna there cannot be any effect
(adhyAsa) produced.

I recall (not verbatim, though) Sri SSS's early paper in English where he
says: 'Of course, there has to be something that precedes adhyAsa.  But
that something is not the pathetic mUlAvidyA.  Brahman will be shattered to
pieces if such a state were to be admitted.'

It was this that made me conclude that Sri SSS has mistaken the words of
those who talk of bhAvarUpa mUlAvidyA to be suggesting an ontological real,
apart from brahman.  Otherwise his fear of brahman being *shattered to
pieces *will not be in place.


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> > The upadeshasaahasrii 1.14.19:
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> > AtmA hyAtmiiya ityeSha bhAvo.avidyAprakalpitaH .
> > Atmaikatve hyasau nAsti bIjAbhAve kutaH phalam
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> > Hi Kartik 20 push ups for your translation:  it simply translates as "in
> > the absence of a seed from where is the fruit? "
> The main point is that if the seed is unreal or abhAva, there can be no
> fruit.
> According to you, if the "seed" in Deep Sleep is in fact unreal, how then
> can you even speak of a transition from the Deep Sleep to the waking state?
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