[Advaita-l] Fwd: Can Jivan Mukta become bound again a if he offends Ishwara?

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Since jnani has no will of his own can't we say that his will is one with
that of hiranygarbha
hence no question of his offending somebody.

If jivanmukta is subject to do's and dont's what is his jivanmukti for and
what is he mukta of?

Let us not worry about the do's and dont's of  Jivanmukta but worry about

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> > Hare Krishna. I don't know the exact reference numbers of the purana -
> > will let you know once I find it.
> >
> > However, as bandha and moksha are true only in vyavahara, logically are
> > they not under the control of Ishwara? The traces of avidyA that remains
> in
> > a jnAni is under the control of Ishwara. The results of prarabda is
> > delivered by Ishwara and the jnAni is aware of it. Is it not?
> >
> > Let us say hypothetical case of a jnAni, due to purva karma vasana, acts
> > as in BhG 16.18, resorting to ego, power, arrogance, desire and anger
> > hating Him and others, will he get the result stated in 16.19 of getting
> > thrown in to wombs of demons in nether worlds?
> >
> In the Brahmasutra 4.1.13 it is decided that upon getting the direct
> knowledge of Brahman there will be the destruction of all previous karma
> (which has not begun to bear fruit) and there will be non-attachment with
> all future karma (that which will be performed by the Jnani  till the fall
> of the body).  Hence, upon the expiry of prArabdha (that karma that has
> already begun giving fruit by commencing this particular body) there will
> be no more birth.
> Hence any such 'lapses' (adhArmic acts) will  not attach to the jnani who
> has identified himself with the Atman/Brahman; the avidyA has been
> extinguished. (jnAnena tu tadajnAnam yEShAm nAshitamAtmanaH..BhG)  They
> will be only 'acts' of the body-mind complex which is inert and as per the
> shruti, this sUkShma sharIram of the jnani will not, cannot, transmigrate;
> they will disintegrate and merge with prakRti upon the jnani's death.  So,
> there will be no 'person' any longer whom Ishwara could punish, if at all.
> Hence, technically the situation envisaged by you is impossible.   In the
> case of non-jnanis, however, since there is the identification with the
> mind-body complex, there is a certain individual, jIva, who will
> transmigrate by default.
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