[Advaita-l] Paroksha to Aparoksha

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Tue Jun 18 02:28:41 CDT 2013

praNAms Sri Rajaram prabhuji
Hare Krishna

How can one know that one is an aparoksha jnani? 

>  For us it is really not possible to determine who is aparOksha jnAni. 
It is only our shraddha in certain noble personalities force us to believe 
he is jnAni or otherwise.  And can we use shAstra pramANa to decide 
whether one 'satpurusha' is jnAni??  I dont think that is also possible, 
because even genuine jnAni too sometimes would act like an ordinary mortal 
due to his prArabdha /avidyA lesha. 

After repeated manana and nidhidhyasana, one may delude oneself in to 
thinking I am a jnani and it is only my mind and body acting out its 
nature though he may have kama and krodha. Is it not?

>  I regret to say that, this  is the latest development to argue that 
paramArtha adviteeya jnAni too has the kAma-krOdhAdi vipareeta pratyaya 
due to avidyAlesha.  For that matter I doubt whether the previous 
propagators of avidyAlesha theory in the jnAni would admit the kAma-krOdha 
in the jnAni!!  As far as shankara is concerned, he is clear muktAvasthA 
is nothing but realizing that he is brahman...and it is 
'ekarUpa'..muktAvasthA hi sarvavedAnteshu ekarupaiva avadhAryate, 
brahmaivacha muktAvasthA.  If the jnAni after this jnAni would still 
subject to kAma krOdha means in muktAvastha though jnAni becomes brahman, 
his brahmAtmabhAva is temporary and it may undergo the change due to 
influence of prArabdha karma.  No need to mention this would go against 
bhAshya vAkya that clearly says : muktAvasthA eka rUpaiva avadhAryate. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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