[Advaita-l] Can Jivan Mukta become bound again a if he offends Ishwara?

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Sri Bhaskar,  I agree with you that avidya is destroyed on getting aparOksha jnAnA but  can't see why the karma that has started to yield result should stop. The states our mind such as kAmA and krOdhA are results of pUrva karma vasanA. If they have not been destroyed (vasana kshaya) through practices such as total control (samyama) and destruction of all mental modifications (manonAsa) before the rise of aparOksha jnAnA, will they not manifest by the effect of prakrti at due time after rise of aparOksha jnAnA? There is no one to endeavour to subdue the mind after rise of jnAnA. It just runs its course like a fan switched off does for some time - making creaking noise if not greased just as before the power was switched off.  

Please note that I agree with you that generally a jnAni should not have kAma and krOdhA. I agree more with Sriram that a jnAni will not have these as he has come to the point of jnAnA only due to citta suddhi. I agree most with Sri Sadananda that a jnAni will be an "atmArAmA" not dependent on others for his happiness - hence leaving little room for kAmA and hence krOdhA. However, I can't disagree with Sri Subrahmanian that body and mind continue to exist due to prArabdA. It will have its characteristics - kAmA and krOdhA - though generally conditioned to visuddha sattva through previous efforts to do karma, yoga, bhakti and tattva vicara. 
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praNAms Sri Sadananda prabhuji
Hare Krishna

The difference between Jnaani and jnaana nishTa - has to be understood
 as been explained by Subbuji also in many of his mails. Jiivan muktaH 
by definition is jnaana nishTa. Ramana calls it as dRiDaiva niShTaa or 
Krishna calls it as Sthita prajnaH. The remnant or lingering raaga 
dweshaas are for the one who has not jnaana niShTa.

>  I am surprised to see the 'silence' of Sri subbu prabhuji here!! 
Ofcourse, he has the rights to chose what to reply & what not...But here I 
think his response is required.  All these days Sri subbu prabhuji has 
been arguing that irrespective of status of jnAni ( whether he is kevala 
jnAni mAtra or jnAna nishTa or brahmavidvarishTa immaterial) each and 
every type of jnAni is subject to kAma krOdha since these are the products 
of that dreaded prArabdha karma and nobody can escapte from this prArabdha 
karma phala.  Nowhere Sri Subbu prabhuji said ONLY jnAna nishTa-s are free 
from this prArabdha karma and resultant kAma-krOdha, OTOH, he is quoting 
profusely from the prakaraNa grantha-s like JMV (jeevan mukti viveka), 
panchadashi etc.  to prove his point that even paramArtha jnAna nishTa-s 
are not free from kAma krOdha, vipareeta pratyaya etc.  It is in this 
spirit only he has given the examples of sages like Sri RamaNa, 
rAmakrishna paramahaMsa etc.  Though he said that there is no rebirth due 
to this likes & dislikes (kAma & krOdha) after death of the physical 
bodies of these jnAni-s, it is inevitable that jnAni / jnAnanishTa has to 
experience these tribulations due to his prArabdha or avidyAlesha.. But on 
the contrary to these statements, Sri shankara is quite clear that 
tattvamasi type of realization is here and NOW and not shareerapAtOttara 
kAlaM, na hi tattvamasi ityasya vAkyasya arthaH 'tattvaM mrutO 
bhavishyasi' ityevaM pariNeruM shkyaH...shankara in sUtra bhAshya.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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