[Advaita-l] Can Jivan Mukta become bound again a if he offends Ishwara?

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Tue Jun 18 05:49:25 CDT 2013

praNAms Sri Rajaram prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I agree with you that avidya is destroyed on getting aparOksha jnAnA but 
can't see why the karma that has started to yield result should stop. 

>  prabhuji, kindly note I am not saying aparOksha jnAna would bring 
immediate death to the jnAni, but jnAni's realization is that he was / is 
/ will be ashareeri only.  Yes, even after samyak jnAna, jnAni would 
continue to 'act' normally like eating, drinking, sleeping etc.  shankara 
also says this clearly shareerarambhakasya karmaNO niyataphalatvAt 
samyakjnAnaprAptAvapi avashyaMbhAvini..but it does not anyway mean that 
due to function of these bodily organs jnAni would get kAma-krOdha etc. 
Because kAma krOdhAdi vipareeta pratyaya-s cannot arise without bedha 
buddhi, without aversion or attachment to certain objects.  Lord clearly 
says kAma krOdha is the result of attachment, dhyAyAte vishayANpuMsaH 
sangasteshUpajAyate...............krodhAtbhavati sammOhaHa, sammOhat 
smruti vibhramaH...So, kAma krOdha in a jnAni is completely out of 
question here because he is established himself in that adviteeya jnAna or 
brahmAtmabhAva, for him there is no mitra - shatru, there is no  jaya - 
apajaya, he has the samOhaM sarvabhuteshu.  Shankara to substantiate this 
clarifies in bruhat bhAshya : 

// when all the desires residing in one's heart have been got rid of, then 
the mortal becomes immortal, and attains brahman here in this life.  Just 
as the cast off slough of a snake would lie lifeless in an ant hill, so 
also does the body of the enlightened person lie there and NOW (really) 
BODILESS, the prANa, brahman ALONE, the light of the pure consciousness 

Now you tell me prabhuji, if the aparOksha jnAni has the kAma -krOdha, 
does it not invariably mean that brahman itself has this kAma krOdhAdi 
vipareeta pratyaya??  As far as my knowledge goes, the scope of prArabdha 
karma phala would end only mere continuation of the body just like cast 
off slough of the snake or continued spinning of fan blades after power 
switch off..nothing more or nothing less than that. 

The states our mind such as kAmA and krOdhA are results of pUrva karma 
vasanA. If they have not been destroyed (vasana kshaya) through practices 
such as total control (samyama) and destruction of all mental 
modifications (manonAsa) before the rise of aparOksha jnAnA, will they not 
manifest by the effect of prakrti at due time after rise of aparOksha 

>  after the dawn of aparOksha jnAna there remains nothing as vidhi / 
karma for the jnAni..because this aparOksha jnAna would remove the wrong 
notion that one is katru-bhOktru.  I am verily this ONE, should a person 
recognize Atman and know him directly in this manner, desiring what and 
for the fulfillment of whose desire, would he then trouble himself with 
the feverish activity of his body ?? asks again shankara in bruhat 
bhAshya.  It means the dawn of knowledge would wipe out the distinction of 
me and mine. 

There is no one to endeavour to subdue the mind after rise of jnAnA. It 
just runs its course like a fan switched off does for some time - making 
creaking noise if not greased just as before the power was switched off. 

>  by saying jnAni has kAma-krOdha it is as good as saying power switched 
off fan would get shocks & short circuits from power :-)) 

I can't disagree with Sri Subrahmanian that body and mind continue to 
exist due to prArabdA. It will have its characteristics - kAmA and krOdhA 
- though generally conditioned to visuddha sattva through previous efforts 
to do karma, yoga, bhakti and tattva vicara. 

>  as I said above, the continuance of desire (kAma) and aversion (krOdha) 
has been denied in the aparOksha jnAni.  Desire is the only motive for all 
action and that being absent for a person of ekatvajnAna or who has 
realized the secondless nature of Atman, there can be no more toiling for 
himself or for the sake of his all erstwhile kith and kin. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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