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>>  Yes, for the other person checking is not possible and for the 'real' 
>jnAni, he hardly has any doubt of his jnAna to check and confirm it to 

Bhaskarji - True - it is not for doing self-test to declare to somebody. t is for him to continue the nidhidhyaasana since there are still lingering vaasanaas that contribute to raaga-dweshaas. Hence Paramarthanandaji describes jnaani vs Jnaana nishTa in terms of FIR reduction - frequency of perturbation, intensity of perturbation and recovery from perturbation decreases as one get firmly established in the jnaanam. Yagnavalkya story is used to illustrate the point in terms of jnaani vs jnana nishTa. Yagyavalkya felt the current environment was not conducive for his constant contemplation on the truth which  he has clear understood; and therefore he decided to leave the house and go towards higher - as he put it. It is obvious that he was a jnaani as he could teach Matreyi - wife-disciple - the aadhyaatmika vidya. He does not have to leave to go higher if he has already jnaana nishTa. Shankara uses this example to establish that bhoutica sanyaasa is
 required for jnaana nishTa. 


>Obviously the implication is different. A jnaani is one who does not get 
>burned when makes contact with the hot world. 
>>  Then what would be the reason for 'prachOdana' in a jnAni who is 
>getting kAma & krOdha due to his avidyA lesha or prArabdha karma??  This 
>means he is mere jnAni not a jnAna nishTa is it??  I will come back to 
>this point ( mere jnAni & jnAna nishTa) later, if my time permits. 

The reason is lack of complete chitta suddhi - First, mind is what it is - a product of karma - 100% purity is even thermodynamically impossible. Hence Jnaana nishTa is not discrete event and nidhidhyaasana should, in principle, continue until the body drops as FIR reduction takes place slowly and steadily. Nachiketas may not need nidhidhyaasana but many who approach the Vedantic study without having complete chitta suddhi, do not have to go back to karma-upaasana yoga - nidhidhyaasana on the teaching received will be sufficient to eliminate slowly the lingering vaasanaas. kAma and krodha that was mentioned which are due to lingering vaasanas slowly get reduced as one abides in that knowledge. 

Anyway this is my understanding. 

Hari Om!

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