[Advaita-l] Paroksha to Aparoksha

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Tue Jun 18 01:56:11 CDT 2013

praNAms Sri Sadananda prabhuji
Hare Krishna

A jnaani is one who does not depend on something other than oneself for 
his happiness - since he has understood that he is ananda swaruupa. This 
is a litmus test to check oneself if one is jnaani or not. 

>  I wonder, if one is really a jnAni, whether he has any doubt on his 
paramArtha jnAna!!??  If the jnAni wants to 'test' whether the jnAna what 
he has is adviteeya and 'Ananda' what he is, is vishayAteeta, that shows 
that jnAni is really not a jnAni since still he is entertaining 'doubts' 
on his own status !!  So, I dont think there arises any need for the jnAni 
to 'check' what he has is the result of THAT jnAna.  He is samshayAteeta, 
bhidyate hrudaya grantiM, chiddhyante 'sarva' samshayAH..is the shruti 
verdict on aparOksha jnAni. 

It is not meant for checking if the other person is jnaani or not - since 
there is no way one can check that. 

>  Yes, for the other person checking is not possible and for the 'real' 
jnAni, he hardly has any doubt of his jnAna to check and confirm it to 

Obviously the implication is different. A jnaani is one who does not get 
burned when makes contact with the hot world. 

>  Then what would be the reason for 'prachOdana' in a jnAni who is 
getting kAma & krOdha due to his avidyA lesha or prArabdha karma??  This 
means he is mere jnAni not a jnAna nishTa is it??  I will come back to 
this point ( mere jnAni & jnAna nishTa) later, if my time permits. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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