[Advaita-l] Fwd: Can Jivan Mukta become bound again a if he offends Ishwara?

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Shree Keshava Prasad - PraNAms

I think Vidyaranya in Jiivanmuktaviveka points out the gradations in Jiivanmukti status. It is not gradations in the knowledge but gradations in the abidance of that knowledge - digitization of the analogue problem where FIR reduction takes place steadily as one abides in the knowledge gained via nidhidhyaasana. The depending on the type of obstacles that Goudapaada also  discusses in his kaarika, one has to dwell in the jnaanam that is gained by shravana and manana. 

If one understands the whole problem in perspective, the terminology that each acharya uses may differ, but the essence of the teaching is clear - importance should be given to the whole teaching in perspective than getting lost in the terms or terminologies. 

Hari Om!

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> However, the use of the term Jivanmukta makes the topic even more complex/tricky 
> (refer to the response of Sri Sadananda ji in addition to your own inputs).

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