[Advaita-l] Fwd: Can Jivan Mukta become bound again a if he offends Ishwara?

Keshava PRASAD Halemane k_prasad_h at yahoo.co.in
Tue Jun 18 05:31:50 CDT 2013

Dear Sri Subbu ji:

We the group-discussants seem to be back into an earlier topic, if i am right. 
It seems like the same old wine in a new bottle!  
The topic of how a Jnani(Jivanmukta?) seems to act in this dualistic vyaavahaarika world, right? 

However, the use of the term Jivanmukta makes the topic even more complex/tricky (refer to the response of Sri Sadananda ji in addition to your own inputs).
It is almost like an oxymoron in the sense that the question becomes irrelevant once we understand the true nature of Jivanmukta, right? 
Hence it looks that we may prefer to use Sri Vidyaranya's redefined terminology "vidEhamukti" (stage attained prior to "Jivanmukti") - as discussed earlier - and clearly make the distinction between a vidEhamukta-Jnani and a Jivanmukta-Jnani, right?
Is that not what we had gone through in some detail earlier? 

One small question does appear in my mind - as i am writing this note:
If a vidEhamukta-Jnani (not yet a Jivanmukta) gets into some action due to praarabdha, and if the nature of that praarabdha is such that that action itself is considered to be somewhat sinful or adharmic in nature, does such action lead to any accrual of consequent karma? 

[i am reminded of Swami Chinmayananda-ji saying that the situation wherein an accused who dies before criminal verdict cannot be subjected to any punishment whatsoever; but we need to acknowledge the fact that analogies have their limitations] 

Keshava Prasad Halemane

In the Brahmasutra 4.1.13 it is decided that upon getting the direct
>knowledge of Brahman there will be the destruction of all previous karma
>(which has not begun to bear fruit) and there will be non-attachment with
>all future karma (that which will be performed by the Jnani  till the fall
>of the body).  Hence, upon the expiry of prArabdha (that karma that has
>already begun giving fruit by commencing this particular body) there will
>be no more birth.
>Hence any such 'lapses' (adhArmic acts) will  not attach to the jnani who
>has identified himself with the Atman/Brahman; the avidyA has been
>extinguished. (jnAnena tu tadajnAnam yEShAm nAshitamAtmanaH..BhG)  They
>will be only 'acts' of the body-mind complex which is inert and as per the
>shruti, this sUkShma sharIram of the jnani will not, cannot, transmigrate;
>they will disintegrate and merge with prakRti upon the jnani's death.  So,
>there will be no 'person' any longer whom Ishwara could punish, if at all.
>Hence, technically the situation envisaged by you is impossible.   In the
>case of non-jnanis, however, since there is the identification with the
>mind-body complex, there is a certain individual, jIva, who will
>transmigrate by default.

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