[Advaita-l] Fwd: Can Jivan Mukta become bound again a if he offends Ishwara?

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Namaste Bhashkarji,

In the Mahabharata Lord Krishna gave the Jnana-upadesha to Arjuna so that he can become Nistraigunya yet the Lord asked him (Arjuna) at the end of the discourse as to what he (Arjuna) had decided to do. That shows that the Jnani does retain the free-will to do things, albeit he (the jnani) is expected to do in accordance with the acquired Jnana. Any false step / action  may result in adverse effects, even though he is a jnani .

Sunil KB

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praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji
Hare Krishna

In the Brahmasutra 4.1.13 it is decided that upon getting the direct
knowledge of Brahman there will be the destruction of all previous karma
(which has not begun to bear fruit) and there will be non-attachment with
all future karma (that which will be performed by the Jnani  till the fall
of the body).  Hence, upon the expiry of prArabdha (that karma that has
already begun giving fruit by commencing this particular body) there will
be no more birth.

>  In this very same sUtra bhAshya shankara reiterates the fact that the 
brahmajnAni has determined that ' I am verily brahman who is devoid of 
kartrutva, bhOktrutva in 'all the three periods' of time. Even prior to 
this jnAna, I was neither kartru nor bhOktru', and even now also I am not 
either of them, nor will I be in future.  And ONLY if it is so the 
attainment of mOksha becomes tenable.  Kindly note here mOksha here means 
verily the brahmAtmabhAva (brahma vit brahmaiva bhavati is the shruti) and 
this brahmAtmabhAva is attainable here and NOW.  It is not anyway a 
posthumous achievement of the jnAni to say till there exists deha of the 
jnAni, he is subject to kAma-krOdha etc. and only after dissolution of the 
bhautika & sUkshma shareera he attains absolute in 'absolute' sense !!  If 
the paramArtha jnAni is the victim of kAma-krOdha due to his prArabdha / 
avidyAlesha, then we have to say his brahmAtmabhAva is tainted with avidyA 
lesha or prArabdha karma phala in the form of kAma-krOdha !!  When the 
paramArtha jnAni has these 'anishta-s' there is no worthy meaning in 
assertion that he attain brahmAtmabhAva (my self itself is brahman).  For 
that matter shankara in the very beginning itself reconciled the jnAni's 
sashareeratvaM in tattusamanvayAt sUtra bhAshya, where he clearly stated : 
the phenomenon of being endowed with a body is caused by mithyApratyaya 
(misconception), a jnAni while alive alone becomes devoid of a body 
(ashareeri).  This truth is well established in the very beginning itself 
(vide sUtra bhAshya 1-1-4) to read and understand jnAni's prarabdha, 
sashareeratva etc. in later sUtra bhAshya-s such as 4-1-13, 4-1-15 etc.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
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