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Namaste Sri Vidyasankar

On Sat, Nov 9, 2013 at 2:23 AM, Vidyasankar Sundaresan <
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> Sri Venkatesh,
> I'm responding to your last point first.
> > Like Sandhyavandana and some Nitya Karma. We have to do the Karma
> carefully
> > and avoid mistakes. I asked the Aruna Prashna question but nobody has
> given
> > the meaning of mantras where the pregnant ladies have to leave. What is
> the
> > meaning of those Mantras dangerous for babies in the womb. All are
> talking
> > about some other thing.
> I would have been inclined to give you the benefit of the doubt if your
> questions had
> been, "What is the meaning of these sentences in the aruNa praSna,
> beginning with
> ashTayonIm ashTaputrAm and ending with atha purushas saptapurushah? Why
> should
> these not be recited in the hearing of pregnant women? Do these mantra-s
> affect the
> expectant mother or the foetus negatively?"
> Did you ask for any of this? I think everybody on this list knows that it
> was not so. Let
> me remind you nevertheless.
> Your questions were, and I quote verbatim, "If living like Sanyasis why
> they are saying
> pregnant women have to leave and come back after some mantras? Why they
> were
> sitting with pregnant women and saying mantras?"
> Your bringing up the correct performance of nityakarmA is a specious
> argument here.
> It just does not apply. You did not ask for advice about what to do when
> reciting the
> aruNapraSna at home or in a public place in today's context. If you had
> asked that,
> some may have thought that you had a genuine question about veda pArAyaNa
> in
> the 21st century. But that was not what you asked either, was it?
Your writing will make others to think I am interested in pregnant women
but not the mantras. I am saying this is not true. I think this list is not
so pin point accurate always. A question in some passage in the Veda must
be answered by taking entire context. A learned person will answer not only
one question but many in one message. He will see unseen questions and
tackle them. This is good.

> > If you say Brahman I say that word Brahman also is not describing real
> > Brahman. Because real Brahman cannot be called by any name. Real Brahman
> > has no name. A name is not real. Brahman word is not real. Thinking in
> this
> > way we have a conclusion. It is impossible to discuss Advaita. Because
> any
> > word will not reach Brahman. Yato Vacho Nivartante Aprapya Manasa Saha.
> > Kindly remember this.
> Thank you for reminding me about the importance of silence, after forcing
> me to break
> my recent relative silence on this list!
> Would you perhaps like to reach back in time and give the same advice
> about silence to
> Sankara bhagavatpAda himself? The pages after pages of bhAshya that he
> wrote on the
> prasthAna traya and additional pages on independent texts were all about
> something
> other than advaita, right? It would have to be so, because in your book,
> it is impossible
> to discuss advaita. We can only discuss marriage, pregnancy, food,
> politics and other
> such topics.
> And we have to feel sorry for all those poor deluded disciples of Sankara,
> down through
> the generations, right? They wrote even more, and kept speaking, down to
> this day,
> instead of just sitting silent. Or talking about all sorts of topics under
> the sun instead,
> anything except advaita.
> > What we can discuss? We have to discuss preparatory things for Advaita.
> How
> > we can become prepared for Advaita Sadhana? I once saw a email from Sri
> > Jaldhar He wanted to discuss Smarta culture and other things you can say
> > tangential to Advaita. But the tangential things are very necessary for
> > preparatory stage.
> Really? Raising idle questions about the presence of pregnant women in
> forests, along
> with speculation about how Rshi-s of the AraNyaka-s lived, is relevant to
> smArta culture,
> performance of nitya karmA and preparatory to sAdhana towards advaita? How?
Kindly read my message regarding Nitya Karma required for Advaita

If A wants to discuss with B a Upanishad topic in this list there is
minimum requirement both A and B must be doing Nitya Karma like
Sandhyavandana regularly.  Otherwise there cannot be Advaita discussion. We
will have these situations -

A is doing but B is not doing Sandhyavandana. B may reply to A but it is
not fruitful because B is not eligible to discuss. A will be frustrated. He
cannot accept B's reply.

B is doing but A is not doing. A can discuss Advaita but it is not fruitful
because he is not eligible to discuss. B can be silent.

Both A and B are doing Nitya Karma. Then it is fruitful discussion.

Both A and B are not doing. What can I say? Advaita discussion is a waste
of time. They can have a chat about Politics, Sports and other things.

But there is ONE PROBLEM. I am doing Sandhyavandana daily. I cannot know
who is doing Nitya Karma in this list. It is IMPOSSIBLE.  If I want to
discuss I cannot do it. Because there is incomplete information regarding
others in this list.

What can I do? You tell me.

> Vidyasankar


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