[Advaita-l] Prasna regarding Aruna Prasna

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 12 08:47:46 CST 2013

> Your writing will make others to think I am interested in pregnant women
> but not the mantras. I am saying this is not true. I think this list is not
> so pin point accurate always. A question in some passage in the Veda must
> be answered by taking entire context. A learned person will answer not only
> one question but many in one message. He will see unseen questions and
> tackle them. This is good.

And if you notice, your early respondents did address the related questions. 
Yet, it would be far better for smoother functioning of this list if you articulated
the unseen questions appropriately. 


> But there is ONE PROBLEM. I am doing Sandhyavandana daily. I cannot know
> who is doing Nitya Karma in this list. It is IMPOSSIBLE. If I want to
> discuss I cannot do it. Because there is incomplete information regarding
> others in this list.
> What can I do? You tell me.

This has been adequately addressed by Sri Venkata Sriram. The reality is that you
cannot assume anything one way or the other about what other people are doing.

However, it would again be far better if each of us worry about ourselves and our
actions, rather than think that someone else on the list is not doing nityakarmA


This list has a primary focus. Things like bhojyAbhojya vicAra, karmAnushThAna for
cittaSuddhi, etc have a place, but when these become the central concerns for long
discussion threads, that is a distraction/digression, not preparatory to our focus.




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