[Advaita-l] What exactly is karma saNyAsa??

Nithin Sridhar sridhar.nithin at gmail.com
Sat Nov 16 03:18:18 CST 2013

It can be answered in many ways. Firstly, a Jnani lives in his body after
attaining Jnana until his Prarabda exist. This Prarabda is depended on what
purpose Ishwara has given to a particular person. Hence, for this reason,
even a Jnani like Apaantaratama was born again as Veda Vyasa. It was in
thePrarabda Karmas of that Apaantaratama that he had been given the purpose
of dividing the Vedas, writing Puranas, Brahma-Sutra etc.

Similarly, some Jnani/Jivanmukta's have this purpose of Teaching the world
and guiding disciples as their "Prarabda" karmas that are remaining after
Jnana has been achieved.

The Second reason of "Paropakara" is a very important and valid reasoning.
I have read Bharati Thirta Swamiji quoting a verse that states that-
"Bhagavan having weighing and comparing "Para-Upakaara/Helping others" with
"Enjoying Blissful-Absolute State", he found "Para-Upakara" as more heavy".
And it is for this reason, God himself takes Avatara to guide humanity.

Thirdly, taking your own logic, one can say that- God/Brahman who is One,
without a second, ever free and birth-less and without attributes or
divisions, Why does he manifest this Universe? What was the need for him to
manifest/appear as Jagat with all its duality? It must be understood that,
Brahman being "Everything/Whole Existence", he has nothing else to achieve.
Hence, manifestation of cosmos is not a Karma. God has no goal to achieve.
Nor, is the Jagat a sport/Krida for his entertainment, for he is the very
Bliss itself, so he needs no other entertainment. The only logical
explanation that has been given is that "It is the very nature/Svabhava" of
Brahman who is Non-Dual to appear as Duality. It is his play/Lila.
Similarly, though Jnani realizes that everything is Atman alone, yet
wishing to participate in this Leela of Brahman, retains his body and
participates in it.

Nithin Sridhar

On Fri, Nov 15, 2013 at 10:12 PM, Srinath Vedagarbha
<svedagarbha at gmail.com>wrote:

> >> Will a jnani not know that even bhagavan is unreal and his svarupa is
> >> brahman? Why should he listen to someone who doesn't exist?
> >>
> >The answer exists in the cited verse itself:  it is for the benefit of the
> >ajnani-s.  He should not unsettle the belief of the samsarin-s who act
> >based on their faith in the veda.
> Again, same question can be asked -- wouldn't a jnAni know other ajnAni-s
> are equally  unreal just as bhagavAn (even though svarUpa of both bhagavAna
> and ajnAni-s re brahman).
> So, same question as Sri.Rajaram asked -- why should a jnAni should listen
> unreal bhagavAn for the betterment of equally unreal ajnAni-s?
> -SV
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