[Advaita-l] Logical Basis of Soul

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The Brahma sUtra 3.3.54 establishes purely on logical/experiential grounds that the Self is different from the body, with no need of any shruti basis.
The proof of the EXISTENCE of the Self as separate from the body does not require shruti basis:
"There exists a Self that is different from the body."
(The argument is not complicated, but very very subtle.)
The NATURE of the Self does require shruti basis:
"The nature of the Self is pure bliss."
(Can never be proven by logic and sense-experience.)
The argument for Consciousness being different from the body is simple, but subtle.
I plan to post on this subject in a (hopefully short) while.

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Hare Krishna. Shri Subrahmanian pointed me to ikAtmyAdhikaraNam where
bhagavat pAdAl establishes that there is a soul distinct from the body on
logical grounds. I would like to know other references for logical basis of
the soul including scientific works please. Thanks in advance,
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