[Advaita-l] Reply to Sri Vidyamanya Tirtha's observations

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Thu Nov 28 05:00:53 CST 2013

Dear Sri Bhaskar ji,

praNAms Sri Subbu prabhuji

This 'considering' is not possible since his past janma is not known 
to himself or for others. 

>  But I think lord knows that, hence he says arjuna you have somany 
janma-s & me too, but you dont remember those..

So, it would be impossible for anyone to ascribe
patitatvam to him. 

>  Ashrama patitatva is quite obvious if one argues that jnAni-s (like 
vidhura etc.) in their previous janma MUST BE sanyAsi-s to become jnAni in 
current janma in other Ashrama. 

It is only in the case of rare yogi-s who have jAtismara siddhi one's 
earlier birth/s can be divined.

>  Yes, I agree.

>  For this type of Ashrama patitatva there is no prAyaschitta says 
> somewhere in sUtra bhAshya.

I don't think Shankara has said this since, as I said above, it is
impossible to know the past birth/ashrama and make a comparison with the
current one.

>  I vaguely remember about this in sUtra bhAshya, in third adhyAya most 
probably but not sure...Here shankara talks about chandrayana prAyaschitta 
for the person who touches the brAhmaNa who has fallen from higher 
order..Anyway I will search for the relevant sUtra & bhAshya to-night.

> Anyway, if we bring in that famous theory of prArabdha
> karma phala, there will be a possibility that a true saMnyAsi can become 
> kartru-bhOktru gruhastha once again and patitatva can be treated as his
> prArabdha janita karma phala :-))


>  I expected this emphatic 'YES' answer from you with regard to jnAni's 
and sanyAsi-jnAni-s patitatva in the name of prArabdha :-)) 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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