[Advaita-l] Reply to Sri Vidyamanya Tirtha's observations

Sujal Upadhyay sujal.u at gmail.com
Thu Nov 28 07:00:57 CST 2013


I fully agree with your 2 cent advice :)

The point was - keep that which is necessary. Nothing extra. But ours is a
demanding mind. What is the use offacebok a/c and email a/c and chat a/c
for a sanyAsin, when his all doubts are or can be cleared by his Guru and a
sanyasin is not a siddha, so he is not ordered to spread the word? Even
BrahmachAris have accounts.

Printed matter is better option then to read online. For a SanyAsin, he
must have a Guru and it is Guru's duty to give what his  disciple needs.
But what if disciple takes initiative on his own.



Sujal Upadhyay

"To disconnect from the self and to become Aware of anything else is
nothing but unhappiness" - Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi

He who has faith has all
He who lacks faith, lacks all
It is the faith int he name of lord that works wonders

On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 6:24 PM, Venkata sriram P
<venkatasriramp at yahoo.in>wrote:

> Namaste,
> ////////////////
> You tell me, of what use is ipad, iMAC and iPOD and all those i stuff have
> to do with sanyAsa. What is the use of mobile? is it necessary? can you
> survive without mobile? if yes, then drop it. Again, why you need iphone?
> why not Rs 1000 phone acceptable
> ///////////////
> When you say that sanyAsa is "mAnasika dasha", keeping the above
> paraphernalia should
> not be a problem.  One can have these and yet be non-attached to
> electronic gadgets.
> Some of the ancient vedic texts, shAstrAs have been kept online in
> archives / DLL libraries
> and to access them, laptops & internet is required.  So, if proper
> "sad-viniyOga" of
> that electronic gadget is done, then, IMHO, it is not a pratibandhaka.
> Yes, getting obsessed with these gadgets leads to vAsana which is wrong.
> On the flip side:
> Getting too much attached to one's own daNDa and kamaNDala, over-indulgence
> in maDi, AchAra, shaucha for sanyAsi is also a vAsana which leads to
> "shraddha-jaDatva".
> Since you were insisting on "mAnasika-dasha", though of sharing just my 2
> cents...
> That said, there is an entire code of conduct compiled by Sri Visweshwara
> Saraswati called "yati dharma sangraha" which details out who has to take a
> formal sanyAsa and how his conduct should be.
> regs,
> sriram
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