[Advaita-l] (Advaita-l)Karma,future births etc

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Tue Jan 7 21:24:03 CST 2014

The Karmas good or bad leave their effects on the Atman which takes births to exhaust these effects and should strive to eliminate the accumulated ones and not to get loaded with future Karmas so that it gets liberation from the vicious cycle of births and deaths.This is my understanding.Jnnanam is the only way of salvation.Suddenly this doubt rose in me.When the Atman is not taintable -akasham nopa lipyathe-then why this Atman should be subject to the cycle of births and deaths.Athman takes the body and the body alone is subject to samsaric tribulations.Atman is just a witness and because of ajnana it gets identified with the body.My question is when Karmas are not going to taint the ever pure atman where is the  cause for it is being hurled into samsara.Maybe I had missed core knowledge .R.Krishnamoorthy.

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