[Advaita-l] Classical treatise on Smriti (Smriti muktaphalam alais Vaithyanatha Dikshitiyam.)

Krishnan S krishnan.sankara at gmail.com
Thu Jan 16 00:00:45 CST 2014

Perhaps many of the members may be aware that all the parts of Smriti
muktaphalam alais Vaithyanatha Dikshitiyam with Tamil translation are
republished in 2010 by the Veda Dharma Sastra Paipalana Sabha of Sri Kanchi
 Mutt,edited by BrSri Vaidya S.V. Radhakrishana Sastri of Srirangam.

For copies , one can approach Sri Kanchi Mutt.


As I have posted my earlier findings on Smriti muktaphalam alais
> Vaithyanatha Dikshitiyam. I would like to share some of the classical
> smriti text that I have come across in search of Dharma Sastra text.
> Here are the following list of texts:
> 1) Vaithyanatha Dikshitiyam alias Smriti muktaphalam: This work is composed
> by Sri Vaithyanatha Dikshitar who hailed from Kandramanika village in
> Kumakonam or Tanjore District.
> Ahnika Kaandam two parts (Poorva and Uthra Bhaga)
> Sraddha Kandam two parts (Poorva and Uthra Bhaga)
> Asoucha Kanda one book
> Varnasrama kandam one book
> Thithi nirnaya kandam one book
> Prayaschitta kandam one book

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