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Are any of these books including the Parashara Madhaviya available in
Kannada or English translation?


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> Namaste to everyone,
> As I have posted my earlier findings on Smriti muktaphalam alais
> Vaithyanatha Dikshitiyam. I would like to share some of the classical
> smriti text that I have come across in search of Dharma Sastra text.
> Here are the following list of texts:
> 1) Vaithyanatha Dikshitiyam alias Smriti muktaphalam: This work is composed
> by Sri Vaithyanatha Dikshitar who hailed from Kandramanika village in
> Kumakonam or Tanjore District. The author has referred almost all the books
> that are available for dharma sastra and composed this exhaustive work. The
> beauty of this work is author did not give his point of view anywhere and
> finally ends the work like, these all the dharma that needs to be observed,
> it is upto a person based on kala, niyama and so on consult with elders and
> follow it to maximum extent. No enforcement.
> Finally after a long time, years and years of search I could see the
> complete portion of Vaithyanatha Deekshithiyam text which I am currently
> holding in my possession temporarily. This was published by great Sarada
> Vilas Mudrayala Kumbakonam in the year 1950. From 1950 to 1955 this press
> has published all the parts of Vaithyanatha deekshithiyam with the moola
> slokha in grantha script and meaning of that slokha in tamil. This books
> were published by the anugya of Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswathi Mahaswamihal
> of Kamakoti Mutt Kanchipuram. And His Holiness has given Sri Mukham for all
> the parts of these books.
> The books are very old and need extreme care. This book collectively
> considered to be authoritative manual and will be consulted when any of us
> has any doubts regarding dharma sastra.
> The list of books that are published by above press are given below.
> Ahnika Kaandam two parts (Poorva and Uthra Bhaga)
> Sraddha Kandam two parts (Poorva and Uthra Bhaga)
> Asoucha Kanda one book
> Varnasrama kandam one book
> Thithi nirnaya kandam one book
> Prayaschitta kandam one book
> 2) Smriti Chandrika: This work is composed by Sri Devana bhatta. I couldn't
> collect information on this author, but the volumes list are given below
> a) Samskara Kanda
> b) Ahnika Kanda
> c) Achoucha Kanda
> d) Sraddha Kanda
> e) Vyavahara Kanda 1 & 2
> 3) Krtiya Kalpataru : This work is composed by Sri Bhatta Lakshmidhara.
> Same here I couldn't collect more information on this author. This text has
> one of the voluminous information with fourteen volumes
> a) Brahmachari Kanda
> b) Grihasta Kanda
> c) Niyathakala Kanda
> d) Sraddha kanda
> e) Dana Kanda
> f) Vrata Kanda
> g) Not Available
> h) Thirtha Vivechana Kanda
> i) Not Available
> j) Suddhi Kanda
> k) Rajadharma Kanda
> l) Vyavahara Kanda
> m) Not Available
> n) Moksha Kanda
> Beauty of this Treatise is the author starts from Brahmachari Kanda and
> gets into Grihastasrama and tells almost all the duties including thirtha
> yatra, rajadharma, vrata and dana. Finally gets into other two asramas like
> vanaprastha and sanyasa. the ones which are highlighted has not available I
> couldn't find it to the sources I have searched for it. All these volumes
> are printed through the classical GAEWARD Oriental Series via Baroda
> Oriental Research Institute. And Some of the works are available in DLI
> site as well.
> 4) Smriti Baskaran: No information is available about the author, but this
> is very old treatise of information available in grantha script. The book
> is very old and extreme care is required. Sri Vaithyanatha Dikshithar
> refers this book at many places in his work.
> 5) Kritya Ratnakara and Grhasta Ratnakara: This is written by Chandeswara
> Thakkur. This author is from Mithila and wrote many works one of which is
> Smriti. This work is available in DLI site. This work is published by
> Asiatic Society of Bengal, Kolkata.
> 6) Smriti Sammuchaya: This book is prepared by the pandits of anandashrama
> mudralaya, edited by Mahopadhyaya Sri Vinayak Ganesh Apte. This book is
> also available in DLI.
> Among the list given above Smriti muktaphalam gives exhaustive information
> on Ahnika, Achoucha, Sraddha and Varnasrama which is not available in the
> others given in above list.
> I do possess all the granthas with me with the divine grace of Sri
> Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Mahaswami of Kanchi Kamakoti peetam.
> Maha periya Charanam Charanam
> Thanks
> C.R.Bala
> om namah shivayah
> Sri Sacchidananda Shiva Abhinava Sri Nrsimha Bharti Thirtha
> Charanaaravindhabhyaam namah
> Sri Chandrasekhara saraswathi mahaswami Charanaaravindhabhyaam namah
> Sri Chandrasekhara bharati thirtha Charanaaravindhabhyaam namah
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