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> So it all boils down to this.One has to find the answers for his inquisitive queries by oneself taking help of the Upanishads.R.Krishnamoorthy
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Absolutely. As the upadeSasAhasrI ends (in the prose section)
AtmanaS ca advayatva-viShayANi dvayasya asattvAd yAni sarvANy upaniShad-vAkyAni vistaraSaH samIkShitavyAni samIkShitavyAnIti ||
Too often, we get caught up in debates based on commentaries and subcommentaries from this school vs. that school, this author vs. that author etc. To address the root problems, one has to go back to the prasthAna texts, no matter what. Only in doing so will we truly be able to follow the advice given by Sankara bhagavatpAda himself.
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