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So it all boils down to this.One has to find the answers for his inquisitive queries by oneself taking help of the Upanishads.R.Krishnamoorthy

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> On 23-Jan-2014, at 3:56 pm, H S Chandramouli <hschandramouli at gmail.com> wrote:
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> Dear All,
> In another post, Sri Subrahmanianji wrote,
> Quote  <<  In a certain
> workshop the Advaitin scholar made a statement: 'In matters such as why
> creation, when onwards, why jiva-s are put in samsAra, etc. all schools
> have to throw their hands up in the air for no school can give any
> 'logical' replies to these.'  >>.
> This set me thinking. Has the Shruti not addressed and answered these
> questions at all or are we missing something here. In Taittariya Upanishad,
> Brighu seeks the answer from Varuna as to where to find Brahman. Varuna
> does not answer him directly, but tells him how to find Him. In the same
> way , for the sadhaka who is seeking the answers to such questions as ' Why
> creation etc " the Shruti does not answer him directly, but directs him how
> he can find the answers. The answer is " Become Brahman " ( loose language
> may be permitted in the interest of easier understanding ) . Once you
> become the Creator yourself, you automatically have the answer. Just as the
> answer to the  qustion " who am I " has to be realized personally and not
> through hearsay, here also the answer has to be through personal experience
> and not through hearsay , and the answer can be had right here in this
> birth itself. Ofcourse this is as per Advaita.
> Even " logically " this explanation is valid. In as much as anything which
> is " anadi " by definition cannot be known except by the Creator, it is "
> logical " that one should become the Creator to know it.  Assuming, that is
> , that He atleast knows.
> Thought it could  at least provide food for thought.
> PS : Posted  in a lighter vein . Please forgive me if you find it flippant.
> But I am sure you at least had a hearty laugh.
> Regards
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