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. Also, avidyA itself is
 not False,
 but anirvacanIya.
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Both dvaitins and vishshiShTadvaitins do not appreciate the mithyaa as separate category. The objection of anirvachnIyatvam of avidyaa is also one the seven objections raised by Ramanuja in his Shree Bhashya while criticizing the avidya aspect in advaita, while still stating that the anaadi avidyaa is the root cause for samsara of jiivas. Their avidya involves lack of the understanding of the jiiva-Iswara sambandha. For them what is not sat is asat and what is not asat is sat and there is third variety sat-asat vilakshanam. 

Most of the objections are based on  not clearly understanding/stating the advaita position as they refuse to accept the mityaatva aspect. For them In Brahman which is infinite, yet there are swagata bhedas. In dvaita Brahman is not even the upaadana kaaranam, while Ramanuja accepts the upadana kaaranam of Brahman.

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