[Advaita-l] svapna karma - real phala ??

Anand Hudli anandhudli at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 28 06:17:31 CST 2014

Bhaskar YR wrote:

>After reading dream tiger's real effect in waking, I am getting a new
>doubt, whether karma done in the svapna (for example abusing some one or
>hitting some one or giving something in charity  etc.) would give the
>'phala' in the form of pApa and puNya in waking??  Or do the karma-s done
>in svapna attract the corresponding 'phala' in waking?? I know am
>stretching this example and this analogy should not be used  for some
>other purpose but just curious if at all there is a possibility :-))

"AdiShTavAn yathA svapne rAmarakShAM imAM haraH, tathA likhitavAn
prAtaH prabuddho budhakaushikaH", Exactly as Lord Shiva instructed the
rAma rakShA stotra in the dream, the Rishi Budhakaushika wrote it down
upon waking in the morning. There are several instances of people
receiving instructions, mantras, etc. in a dream. The phala of such
things received in the dream is also felt in the waking state. I heard
the famous scholar Shri Ranganatha Sharma once remark that even if you
commit a sin in a dream, you have to do prAyashcitta (or something to
that effect). Also, I have heard some people say, as part of the
daily/special pUjA sankalpa, jAgratsvapnasuShupti-avasthAsu..., asking
for pApapariha

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