[Advaita-l] Meeting in Srikalahasti

Venkata sriram P via Advaita-l advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org
Sun Oct 5 07:50:39 CDT 2014


It is "swarNa mAkshika shila" and not swarnamukhi shila.  This is not found in Srikalahasti.  

Moreover, the swarnamukhi river is completely dried up. Nothing can be found there now 
as everything is dried up.

Once my guruji told me that these swarNa mAkshika shilAs are found in rAyalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh (near kadapa) and these are natural formations of rocks in the mountains.  Some shilAs shine like silver hence called "rajata mAkshika shila" and a few shine like gold and hence called "swarNa mAkshika shila".  However, these shilAs are handed down traditionally by family down the generation.

These panchAyatana shila vyavastha was introduced by Acharya Sankara to demonstrate abhEda-driSTi
in upAsana.  It was this noble idea of abhEda darshana and also to unite bhArata dEsha in those days bhagavatpAda introduced panchAyAtana worship and established 4 mutts in four directions. 


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