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Thank you for this information. I have with me two pancayatanapuja-sets, and in both, what is worshipped as Ambikā is definitely a swarna makshika shila, just as you say. In Ayurveda this is also (or tentatively) "Vimal", see: http://nlam.in/ing_disp.php?7cbbc409ec990f19c78c75bd1e06f215

But on many web pages this shila is still labelled as "swarnamukhi shila", see for instance: http://bakthitoday.blogspot.dk/2013/08/panchayatan.html (the stone in the bottom right of the picture which looks just like those in my sets, that is, just like a swarna makshika shila).

On many other web pages and other publications about the pancayatanapuja, the stone which is worshipped as Ambika is consistently mentioned as "swarnamukhi", not "swarna makshika". The question is therefore: is the "swarnamukhi shila" = "swarna makshika shila", or are the two shilas two different stones, and in that case, what kind of stone is the swarnamukhi shila?


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It is "swarNa mAkshika shila" and not swarnamukhi shila.  This is not found in Srikalahasti.  

Moreover, the swarnamukhi river is completely dried up. Nothing can be found there now 
as everything is dried up.

Once my guruji told me that these swarNa mAkshika shilAs are found in rAyalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh (near kadapa) and these are natural formations of rocks in the mountains.  Some shilAs shine like silver hence called "rajata mAkshika shila" and a few shine like gold and hence called "swarNa mAkshika shila".  However, these shilAs are handed down traditionally by family down the generation.

These panchAyatana shila vyavastha was introduced by Acharya Sankara to demonstrate abhEda-driSTi
in upAsana.  It was this noble idea of abhEda darshana and also to unite bhArata dEsha in those days bhagavatpAda introduced panchAyAtana worship and established 4 mutts in four directions. 


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