[Advaita-l] Rudram chanting in Whitehouse

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Sun Oct 12 00:37:20 CDT 2014

Srī mātre namah

Namaste ,

I personally believe that Rudram is to be chanted with proper dress code .( wearing pancha kachham, tripundra , rudraksha , tied shikha , performed achmanam, nyasam ) .The smritis are pramana that vedas should be chanted in proper mode .
My opinion is Americans belongs to mallecha race so in any condition they are not eligible to recite vedas.If bramhans from india settled there are reciting in USA ,than they should perform atonement (prAyachhita ). In case of atharvan shrUti , paithinasa  smriti restrict the area i.e. atharvan shrUti  can only be recited in area where krishna-mruga ( black deer  ) roam i.e. India or Aryavratta  .I don't know about any of such restrictions about other 3 vedas . 
As Srī Murty ji said even in our north india we wear veshti and uttariyam during vedic rituals , irrespective of weather. But a modern trend of wearing dhotI and kurtA with uttariya is growing up, which is not in accordance with shAstra .
We can not convert any other religion's people to vedic dharma .Yet vrAtya- stoma is there for vrAtyas ( patita-sAvitrikAs )  to achive the dwijatva again. Even this ceremony is only for three cast peoples ( trai-varnikas ) who had not undergone upanayan at right time .


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