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To elaborate on what Shri Animesh stated.

There was a discussion on this list over 2 years ago regarding Serbians chanting Rudram.  Shri Jaldhar Vyas ponited that reciting without adhikara is harmful to the reciter. As per tradition, trivarnika males after upanayana have adhikara for veda chanting. But a teacher will not teach a student if it is discerned that he is not performing Sandhya Vandana and reciting Gayatri.

Unfortunately, it appears most of those who chant Vedas are limited to mainly South Indian Braahmanas and that too it appears (from what i see in USA) is mainly Tamil Smartha Iyers and SriVaishnava Iyengars. One can notice some Kannada and Telugu Braahmanas. Hardly one notices Bangla, North Indian, Gujarati, or Kashmiri Braahmanas. Unfortunately, one cannot say majority of S.I. Braahmanas do this; many do not. Forget about Kshatriya and Vaishya males nowadays, as they barely perform Upanayana is some families.

It is the advent of "neo organizations" such as Arya samaj, RK Mission, etc that allow all to chant, but even there the majority are Braahmanas. Straw man arguments are given that Braahmanas are not doing so why cannot anybody else. This leads to further statements that varna is by temperment, choosing, occupation, etc and not birth.

I have seen in temples in North India such as Vaishno Devi, Kheer Bhawani, Badri (purohit is a Nambudiri Braahmana); the purohits wear kurtas. But is Nasik, Shirdi, Siddhi Vinayaka in Mumbai it is traditional. At Dwarkadish in Gujarat, the purohits wear read made kacha panche and a modified anga vastra that can be tied like a shirt (I even purchased some at a nearby market).

From Hindu Dharma book by Kanchi Paramacharya, if a Dvija has not chanted Gayatri (I suppose by deduction upanayana) for 3 generations; the family becomes Dvija bandhu and subsequent generations have lost adhikara for upanayna, Gayatri, veda chanting, and marriage to Dvijas. Will vrAtya-stoma to them ? I suppose this was the reason Shivaji (descendant of Sisodiya Rajputs) wasn't accepted as a Kshatriya as his family had abandoned upanayana for several generations. Perhaps many Shudra jaathis are descendants of Dvija bandhus.

Ravi Chandrasekhara

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Srī mātre namah

Namaste ,

I personally believe that Rudram is to be chanted with proper dress code .( wearing pancha kachham, tripundra , rudraksha , tied shikha , performed achmanam, nyasam ) .The smritis are pramana that vedas should be chanted in proper mode .
My opinion is Americans belongs to mallecha race so in any condition they are not eligible to recite vedas.If bramhans from india settled there are reciting in USA ,than they should perform atonement (prAyachhita ). In case of atharvan shrUti , paithinasa  smriti restrict the area i.e. atharvan shrUti  can only be recited in area where krishna-mruga ( black deer  ) roam i.e. India or Aryavratta  .I don't know about any of such restrictions about other 3 vedas . 
As Srī Murty ji said even in our north india we wear veshti and uttariyam during vedic rituals , irrespective of weather. But a modern trend of wearing dhotI and kurtA with uttariya is growing up, which is not in accordance with shAstra .
We can not convert any other religion's people to vedic dharma .Yet vrAtya- stoma is there for vrAtyas ( patita-sAvitrikAs )  to achive the dwijatva again. Even this ceremony is only for three cast peoples ( trai-varnikas ) who had not undergone upanayan at right time .

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