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> I am not going to pass any personal comments on the appropriateness or
> otherwise of the two boys who recited the first anuvAka of the kRshNa
> yajurvedIya rudra namakam, recordings of which are available in the public
> domain now. However, I find that various qualities of their recitation are
> better than average, based on what I've heard from various yajnopavIta
> wearing Indian male reciters over the last few years here in the USA. This
> means that whoever has taught them has done a very good job with the
> content, although perhaps lax in terms of adherence to the other niyama-s
> expected in our tradition.
Sri Bhaskar also wrote this -
'Fortunately my system allowed to listen to this chanting in FB.  As far as
my knowledge goes I could not find any 'clear errors' in their chanting.
As sri VidyA prabhuji rightly observed, this is a better chanting when
compared to typical professional purOhit type of chanting who hardly gives
any attention to sandhi, alpa prANa, mahAprAna etc.  '

We have to remember the Gita Sloka of third chapter here -
Shreyaan swadharmo vigunah paradharmaat swanushthitaat;
Swadharme nidhanam shreyah paradharmo bhayaavahah.

35. Better is one's own duty, though devoid of merit, than the duty of
another well discharged. Better is death in one's own duty; the duty of
another is fraught with fear.

For the Mleccha his Swadharma is not Veda Chanting. It is Para Dharma for
him. For Dvijas the Swadharma is Veda Adhyayana. If a Brahmin is chanting
not very correctly also it is still his Swadharma and it will protect him.
But if the Mleccha is studying Veda and even becomes an expert also the
Veda will not protect him. It is better for him to give up the Veda
learning and continue his Mleccha nature.

I have also heard many Brahmin priests saying Mantras carelessly but still
they are following Swadharma only. I am not saying let them chant with
mistakes. But they should try to improve.

> Regards,
> Vidyasankar





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