[Advaita-l] Fwd: Rudram Chanting in White House

Vidyasankar Sundaresan via Advaita-l advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org
Tue Oct 14 14:08:54 CDT 2014

> For the Mleccha his Swadharma is not Veda Chanting. It is Para Dharma for
> him. For Dvijas the Swadharma is Veda Adhyayana. If a Brahmin is chanting
> not very correctly also it is still his Swadharma and it will protect him.
> But if the Mleccha is studying Veda and even becomes an expert also the
> Veda will not protect him. It is better for him to give up the Veda
> learning and continue his Mleccha nature.

I would request you not to use the word Mleccha here. It carries a connotation
of being barbaric and is very pejorative in its intention. I think we can make our
point without calling anybody any names.
Anyway, the issue is that the said non-brAhmaNa-s are not on this list and not
involved with this discussion about svadharma and paradharma. Whom does
it benefit, for us here on this list, to be debating this? How are you going to
convey this thinking about sva- and para- dharma to those two young boys?
And how are you going to convey this to those non-Mleccha-s who taught veda
recitation to them? They are not on this list either!

It seems to me that we would do better to worry a about us losing sight of our
svadharma a lot more than about someone else taking up a paradharma. Not
many on this list can claim that we have always kept scrupulously away from
para-dharma ourselves.

> I have also heard many Brahmin priests saying Mantras carelessly but still
> they are following Swadharma only. I am not saying let them chant with
> mistakes. But they should try to improve.

Absolutely, agreed. And if the sight of two Americans chanting reasonably
well shames some of us into doing a better job with our svadharma, so be it.
We need to set our own house in order, before talking about others' houses. Best regards,Vidyasankar 		 	   		  

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