[Advaita-l] cow slaughter mafia

Venkata sriram P via Advaita-l advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org
Fri Oct 17 03:36:30 CDT 2014

Dear Friends,

At the outset, i request the moderatorsto kindly excuse me for posting this mail 
which is off the topic.  But couldn't help and my heart bled to see the
videos how our beloved mother go-mAta is being butchered.

I have forwarded the vidoes to "Global Hindu Heritage Foundation" and i
have got a favourable response from them.  I would be discussing this
issue tonight with the concerned officials. 

Meanwhile, my request is to forward this to the concerned govt. high officials
preferrably (Sr. IAS officers) who can brief up the issue to our hon'ble prime minister
Mr.Narendra Modi for suitable action. My friend has sent us the mail which i am 
pasting it as it is:

The cow slaughter mafia from kerala steal cows during night,treat them 
in the worst possible way,dumping them in trucks and put green chillies
to cut tail of cows and even putting chillies in the anal area making them
cry and dump them to river to get them across to kerala to butcher them.
The reporter who did the story to a TV has been threatened for her life by the cattle mafia

Where is this country heading to?

Go-maata is treated this way,can we survive at this rate?

It's in kannada,the visuals are very disturbing,I could not watch further.

PM Modi should be briefed to ban cow slaughter at the earliest.There is no punya left in the land if Go-maata is butchered by the raakshasas like this.





yours in agony,

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