[Advaita-l] Jnani's Dharma

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According to Ramana Bhagavan, the actions of a GYAni are not regulated by the shAstras. In fact, Bhagavan says, "They may do what they please."

Talks with Ramana Maharshi
Talk 291. 5th December, 1936

Q.: Can the atyasramis own property?
M.: There is no restriction for them. They may do what they please.
Suka is said to have married and begotten children also.
Q.: The atyasrami is like a householder in that case.
M.: I have already said that he is above the four recognized asramas.
Q.: If they can marry, own property, etc., they are only grihasthas.
M.: That may be your view.
Q.: Can they own property and convey the same to others?
M.: They may or may not. All depends on their prarabdha.
Q.: Is there any Karma for them?
M.: Their conduct is not regulated according to any rules or codes.

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