[Advaita-l] Jnani's Dharma

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According to Ramana Bhagavan, the actions of a GYAni are not regulated by the shAstras. In fact, Bhagavan says, "They may do what they please."

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Yes, the jnAni is not veda kiMkara and he does not bound by any vidhi-nishedha karma-s but at the same time naturally, with the jnAna of Atmaikatva he is not 'svecchAchAri' nor he is anAchAri or durAchAri.  Shankara clarifies this in both Itareya and chAndOgya. Yes, they can do what they please but what they (jnAni) do would naturally (without their conscious effort) fall within the scope of dharma vihita / nyAya vihita AcharaNa.I am not taking the examples of exceptional cases of jnAni-s eccentric behavior and their questionable activities.  A sthitha prajna jnAni would not go against vidhi-s of smruthi-s and behave abnormally on his own will and wish.

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