[Advaita-l] DEEPAWALI- Festival of Light within-Illumines Life

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Wed Oct 22 21:40:50 CDT 2014

Dear Members,
                         Diwali is the darkest night of the year & powerful night to break darkness into light. The journey from darkness into light of a human being is the travel from mooladhara to Agna. Ganesha is the deity for Mooladhara, having mouse as vehicle runs after physical pleasures and always stays in darkness where as Shiva is the deity for Agna who is the Dakshinamurthi rupa takes you beyond.

A normal person who is at the bottom i.e adhar, tied to maya runs after physical & materialistic achievements but all these are temporary, even all our wishes, thoughts,  relationships, desires & Human body. Everybody know that all these will go when the time comes, but we are not prepared to accept the facts which is andhakar i.e darkness.

Only SriGuru can transmits the energy within, transform that away from desires, granting him boons of the higher levels where as sadhaka has to depend on him for his guidance to travel the respective paths.

Source of Information: Speaking Tress, Times, Discourse by a Yogi.

Shub Deepawali

with regards

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