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Srī  Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote " In other veda shakas, we have ........."
As you asked about the recitation style of our shaunaka  shAkhA , it is quit similar to rig veda and kanva shukla yajurveda , but not identical with them.
1) The kampan at every svarita ( vibration of voice at svarita ) is different from them.

2) We use three fingers and hand for svara indication. ( at least at primary level of learning ) 

3) A long elongation takes place at every jAtya svarita ( independent svarita ) which is especially marked as $ like sing in printed text.

4) In our shAkhA , manduki shikshA mentions of prachaya svarita but no practical recitation of this svara is their. Only uddata , anudata , svarita , jAtya svarita are recited. 
Another thing is I had learnt samhitA mode where no special treatment is there for prachaya svarita .

As you mentioned of kAnchi matha vidwans , They learnt atharvan veda under one "Brahmasri Vasudev Ramanik Lal Pancholi  "in Gujarat. 
Due to my quoth of residing in mAhAkAla van khetra for certain time  ( about 100 km area of Ujjain ) I had not approached kAnchi matha vidwans or some Maharashtra atharva vedins .Yet  I had listened some south Indian  recordings of atharva veda on internet  , generally recitation style is same ,yet I found  some yajurvedic influence in their  recitation style . I may be wrong  , almost style and svara recitation is same to ours but a very small yajurvedic influence in pronunciation is there .like in case of jAtya svarita I found there recitation close to taittarIya rather than atharvan .

Another thing is paippalAda shAkhA ( orrisan version / utkala pAtha ) had lost it's svaras .So Orissan atharva vedins recite paippalAda shAkhA in ekashruti mode .
We found svars in kashmir pAtha of paippalAda samhitA but no living tradition is their in Kashmir.
( for more on these two pAthas of paippalAda samhitA you may visit my post " Two versions (pAthas) of paippalAda samhitA"
 http://wp.me/p4M2ms-72 )


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