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I'm very happy to see a post about dvAdashadarshanakAnanapa~nchAnana jayama~NgalAchArya svAmI kAshikAnanda giri ji on this forum.
I have spent some moments with this great soul. He was a great scholar, without comparison.
He continued to write till last days. He past due to brain haemorrhage caused by falling.
He had written on many branches of philosophy, mostly in Sanskrit.
He has written :
vArttika on IshopaniShad, 
advaitaparshuddhiH to refute shatadUshanI, which is precise and in prose (anantakRishNa shAstrI has a bulky volume to refute the same work.) It has some new thoughts also regarding naiShThika brahmachArI-s seen in sannyAsa sampradAya, etc.
a prakaraNa for navyanyAya....name not in mind,
a prakaraNa for Vedanta......forgot name,
Commentary on bhaktisUtra,
Commentary on yogasUtravivaraNa of sha~NkarAchArya,
Commentary on pa~nchadashI (1 chapter published, refutes achyutarAmoDaka-s commentary at places),
jAgadIshI vyAkhyAna,
gAdAdharI vyAkhyAna,
two commentaries of subhagodayastutiH of gauDapAda,

He didn't have money, so many of books were not published. When his Ashrama building collapsed due to rain, many books were destroyed. Some were stolen by people. Even then his room was full with new manuscripts of his works always. I saw mImAMsA sUtra vyAkhyAna last time.
In his last days he was working on brahmasUtram.

He has written many books in Hindi too, which are mostly translations according to commentaries.

I had a few talks with him regarding specific type of daNDa which are seen nowadays in sannyAsa sampradAya.

He was upAsaka of tripurasundarI in mUkAmbikA form. Actually, there was a rumor that he was not so bright student in early days and due to strength gained by upAsanA he became great scholar.

He was related to nira~njanI akhADA (not ranjani akhADA as the news link mentions).

It is true that he answered advaitasiddhiH paper in prose while he was in kAshI.

I've posted a few pictures of this great saint on http://www.facebook.com/lalitaalaalitah.blog

The fate of books written by him is now uncertain. Pray that those are published some day out at least saved by successor.

On 28 October 2014 21:03:26 GMT+05:30, Vidyasankar Sundaresan via Advaita-l <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:
>This news is about four days old. On the same day as the dIpAvalI
>festival, Swami Kashikananda Giri,
>one of the key Mahamandaleshwaras in the Dasanami Sannyasi tradition,
>left his sthUla SarIra aside.
>He was highly regarded and respected by all the Sankaracharyas for his
>scholarship, knowledge and
>wisdom, as well as uncompromising traditional outlook with his
>disciples. He headed an Ashrama in
>the middle of bustling Mumbai, but was hardly well-known to regular
>city dwellers, although people
>came from far and wide to learn under him. His life was
>quintessentially padmapatram ivAmbhasA!
>Best regards,
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