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Many thanks for providing so much information about the mahātmā.  I hope
some institution/s take up the publishing of his works which will no doubt
be a great addition to the advaitādi-shāstra-vāṅgmaya.

warm regards

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> I'm very happy to see a post about dvAdashadarshanakAnanapa~nchAnana
> jayama~NgalAchArya svAmI kAshikAnanda giri ji on this forum.
> I have spent some moments with this great soul. He was a great scholar,
> without comparison.
> He continued to write till last days. He past due to brain haemorrhage
> caused by falling.
> He had written on many branches of philosophy, mostly in Sanskrit.
> He has written :
> vArttika on IshopaniShad,
> advaitaparshuddhiH to refute shatadUshanI, which is precise and in prose
> (anantakRishNa shAstrI has a bulky volume to refute the same work.) It has
> some new thoughts also regarding naiShThika brahmachArI-s seen in sannyAsa
> sampradAya, etc.
> a prakaraNa for navyanyAya....name not in mind,
> a prakaraNa for Vedanta......forgot name,
> Commentary on bhaktisUtra,
> Commentary on yogasUtravivaraNa of sha~NkarAchArya,
> Commentary on pa~nchadashI (1 chapter published, refutes achyutarAmoDaka-s
> commentary at places),
> sannyAsavidhivichAraH,
> mahiShAsuramarddinistotravyAkhyA,
> pata~njalikRta-charaNashR~NgarahitashivastotravyAkhyA,
> rudrAShTAdhyAyavyAkhyA,
> jAgadIshI vyAkhyAna,
> gAdAdharI vyAkhyAna,
> advaitasiddhivyAkhyA,
> laghuchandrikAvyAkhyA,
> khaNDanavyAkhyA,
> chitsukhivyAkhyA,
> mImAMsAsutravyAkhyA,
> two commentaries of subhagodayastutiH of gauDapAda,
> Etc.
> He didn't have money, so many of books were not published. When his
> Ashrama building collapsed due to rain, many books were destroyed. Some
> were stolen by people. Even then his room was full with new manuscripts of
> his works always. I saw mImAMsA sUtra vyAkhyAna last time.
> In his last days he was working on brahmasUtram.
> He has written many books in Hindi too, which are mostly translations
> according to commentaries.
> I had a few talks with him regarding specific type of daNDa which are seen
> nowadays in sannyAsa sampradAya.
> He was upAsaka of tripurasundarI in mUkAmbikA form. Actually, there was a
> rumor that he was not so bright student in early days and due to strength
> gained by upAsanA he became great scholar.
> He was related to nira~njanI akhADA (not ranjani akhADA as the news link
> mentions).
> It is true that he answered advaitasiddhiH paper in prose while he was in
> kAshI.
> I've posted a few pictures of this great saint on
> http://www.facebook.com/lalitaalaalitah.blog
> The fate of books written by him is now uncertain. Pray that those are
> published some day out at least saved by successor.
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> >
> http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/kerala/Swami-Kashikananda-Giri-Passes-Away/2014/10/25/article2492342.ece
> >
> >This news is about four days old. On the same day as the dIpAvalI
> >festival, Swami Kashikananda Giri,
> >one of the key Mahamandaleshwaras in the Dasanami Sannyasi tradition,
> >left his sthUla SarIra aside.
> >He was highly regarded and respected by all the Sankaracharyas for his
> >scholarship, knowledge and
> >wisdom, as well as uncompromising traditional outlook with his
> >disciples. He headed an Ashrama in
> >the middle of bustling Mumbai, but was hardly well-known to regular
> >city dwellers, although people
> >came from far and wide to learn under him. His life was
> >quintessentially padmapatram ivAmbhasA!
> >
> >Best regards,
> >Vidyasankar
> >
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