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> Namaste,
> Thanks for the video.  Some good scholars are to be seen like Dr.Sripada
> Subramanyam Garu and Shri. KE Devananthan Ji.
> Dr.Subramanyam is not an ordinary scholar.  He studied advaita siddhanta
> traditionally under Br.Sri. Goda Subramanya Sastry of Kanchipuram.

I have admired Dr. Sripada Subrahmanyam's vākyārtha delivery at  the
Sringeri annual Sadas for the past several years, in vyākaraṇa and nyāya.
To see him talk on advaita adds to the admiration.  His method of delivery
is very impressive and never gives the feeling of boredom.

The other advaitin scholar seen in the video, Vidwan Kuppa Vishvanatha
Sastry, is a regular invitee at the Nyāyāmṛta-advaitasiddhi workshop and
other programs at the Vidyāpīṭha, Bangalore.  He is a swyam pākī and hails
from a family of scholars.


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