[Advaita-l] Brief Comparison of Three Great Acharyas

Srivathsa Rao vathsa108 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 4 08:16:31 CDT 2015

      I accept one should not accept his guru's teachings blindly.But here
the question comes how intellectually brilliant your teacher is to answer
your question.Coming to shankara,he could have taken sanyasa from a local
sanyasi in kaladi ,kerala.But he wanted to take sanyasa from Govidha
bhagavath pada,a well known brahma jgnani at that time.That is why he went
from kaladi to madhya pradesh by walking, to take sanyasa dheeksha.Just
like nowdays engineering students want to study from IIT ,not from local
engineering college.

But in case of madhva and ramanuja,their teacher are local teacher of their
area.Who may have less intellect to answer answer madhva's or ramanuja's
question,  that doesn't mean that philosophy is wrong.

On Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 5:30 PM, SHIVPRASAD DINKAR <harivayus at bellsouth.net>

> You say three great Acharyas and, pelt stones on two of them!!!  What
> confused thinking to start with.
> When the norm itself is in-correct then, it has to be corrected.  That is
> what Acharya Madhwa did.  This has got nothing to do with Guru Droham.  But
> confused persons and, people with less logical power/ less intellect who
> will nod their head like a sheep to what their teacher says and, will
> repeat like parrot what they heard cannot understand these things.  You
> seem fit in that category of nodding their head like a sheep and repeating
> like a parrot what they heard.  Acharya Madhwa corrected the in-correct
> norm existing which was Adwaitham.  We are very proud that he did that.
> Subramanyam Chandrashekar the Nobel laureate corrected and, went against
> his teacher Eddington.  Eventually Chandra was proved right and, he won a
> Nobel prize in 1983 but, for less intelligent men like you, this would have
> constituted Guru Droham.  So, you may wallow in your ignorance known as
> Adwaitham.
> Dwaitham is not confined to Karnataka alone.  There are Telugu Madhwas,
> there are Marathi Madhwas, there are Konkani Madhwas.  There are Dwaitins
> in Bengal, Orissa - ISKCON all of whom trace their Guru Parampara to Sri
> Vyasa Tirtha.  There are Dwaitins in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh,
> Utter Pradesh.  Why, even so many Iyers and Iyengars couples get Mudra
> Dharanam and, become Dwaitins.
> Do some serious study on Dwaitham and Adwaitham polemics instead of
> writing ill thought out postings which are copy and pasted from other less
> scholarly books.
> By the way, I am an Adwaithi by birth - born in Iyer family and, became a
> Dwaithi after finding Adwaitham to be utterly illogical and foolish.

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