[Advaita-l] Brief Comparison of Three Great Acharyas

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You appear to be confused and think that you know every thing!
Pl.don't send msg to me hereafter.

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> On 04-Apr-2015, at 6:46 pm, Srivathsa Rao via Advaita-l <advaita-l at lists.advaita-vedanta.org> wrote:
> Sir,
>      I accept one should not accept his guru's teachings blindly.But here
> the question comes how intellectually brilliant your teacher is to answer
> your question.Coming to shankara,he could have taken sanyasa from a local
> sanyasi in kaladi ,kerala.But he wanted to take sanyasa from Govidha
> bhagavath pada,a well known brahma jgnani at that time.That is why he went
> from kaladi to madhya pradesh by walking, to take sanyasa dheeksha.Just
> like nowdays engineering students want to study from IIT ,not from local
> engineering college.
> But in case of madhva and ramanuja,their teacher are local teacher of their
> area.Who may have less intellect to answer answer madhva's or ramanuja's
> question,  that doesn't mean that philosophy is wrong.
> On Sat, Apr 4, 2015 at 5:30 PM, SHIVPRASAD DINKAR <harivayus at bellsouth.net>
> wrote:
>> You say three great Acharyas and, pelt stones on two of them!!!  What
>> confused thinking to start with.
>> When the norm itself is in-correct then, it has to be corrected.  That is
>> what Acharya Madhwa did.  This has got nothing to do with Guru Droham.  But
>> confused persons and, people with less logical power/ less intellect who
>> will nod their head like a sheep to what their teacher says and, will
>> repeat like parrot what they heard cannot understand these things.  You
>> seem fit in that category of nodding their head like a sheep and repeating
>> like a parrot what they heard.  Acharya Madhwa corrected the in-correct
>> norm existing which was Adwaitham.  We are very proud that he did that.
>> Subramanyam Chandrashekar the Nobel laureate corrected and, went against
>> his teacher Eddington.  Eventually Chandra was proved right and, he won a
>> Nobel prize in 1983 but, for less intelligent men like you, this would have
>> constituted Guru Droham.  So, you may wallow in your ignorance known as
>> Adwaitham.
>> Dwaitham is not confined to Karnataka alone.  There are Telugu Madhwas,
>> there are Marathi Madhwas, there are Konkani Madhwas.  There are Dwaitins
>> in Bengal, Orissa - ISKCON all of whom trace their Guru Parampara to Sri
>> Vyasa Tirtha.  There are Dwaitins in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh,
>> Utter Pradesh.  Why, even so many Iyers and Iyengars couples get Mudra
>> Dharanam and, become Dwaitins.
>> Do some serious study on Dwaitham and Adwaitham polemics instead of
>> writing ill thought out postings which are copy and pasted from other less
>> scholarly books.
>> By the way, I am an Adwaithi by birth - born in Iyer family and, became a
>> Dwaithi after finding Adwaitham to be utterly illogical and foolish.
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