[Advaita-l] Introduction and important question on saguna brahman devatas  

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Sat Apr 4 11:48:29 CDT 2015

Namaste srI krishnamoorthy ,

You wrote"............. Saguna Brahman, a form is given to Nirguna Brahman.  The forms Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Divne Mother Shakthi -- (trinity of shakthis), Lord Ganesh, Lord Subhramanya are generally accepted by Shankara followers to be the same Brahman manifested as Ishwara according to the modifications of the devotee.But we also have other deities nowadays -- esp. warrior gods like Muneeshwaran,  Karupanasami etc.,   
We have forms of kali that protects villages with numerous names.
We have naga forms of deities worshipped in par with main Gods.
we have vedic gods like Agni, Varuna, Indra etc. (though nobody worships them nowadays)my question is,  are the latter set of deities demi-gods? ,  but if someone thinks of them as  Saguna Brahman itself and worships them , then what is the result?  Is there karma for these demi-gods? what happens to the worshipper, if one of this demi-god say completes his portion of karma in the demi-god plane and then incarnates as human being in earth?do they have limited authority in the scheme of things in creation?  and if someone gets boons from them,  how that works?  do they have authority to burn some of our bad karma?  and if someone wrongly offers animal sacrifices in this age of kali, do the demi-god also incur karma or only the person who sacrifices?Or it is exactly as per our imagination, perception and the power we attribute to them?.......
You have asked questions from learned ones but I'm a common truth seeker like you , but would try to ans your questions.

1) At the point you wrote that mA kAlI is demi goddess I disagrees you.
She is parambramha svarUpinI .( devi mAhatmayam , kAli tantra ,rudrayAmala are pramAna, but won't discuss them here as we are in advaitic circle )  And her worship leads to self realization , the best example is of SrI rAmakrishna paramhansa. Who worshiped her and achieved paramhansa state. Another example is of srI vAmAkhepA who achieved
self realization by worship of goddess tArA. SrI bramhanand girI tirthAvdhoot had realised self by worship of dadh mahAvidyas. ( I'm a northner so know about north indian sAdhakas not much about south indian one ).
SrI mutthu swAmi dixitAr was blessed by SrI skanda .
( He initiated him into higher sAdhana of srI vidya which leaded him towards moksha ).Another example is of srI narsI mehatA who was blessed by his gramadevta and blessed him with darshan of srI krishna .

My opinion is this that , the divinities which you call demigods can also lead a person to path of  spiritual progress, if they are direct bramha rupa ( pratyaksha bramha rupa ) then they can lead you towards direct self realization.And if they are loka devtas , shudradevtas then they also lead you to spritual patha , they may help you with introducing a guru , or sAdhana mAraga , or guide you towards worship of pratyaksha bramha rupa devtas .Best example is of srI dhara swami , who had siddha a bhuta ,and this bhuta told him about his inability to spiritual path and guided him towards a gurU .Who letter initiated him in krishna mantra and he got self realization. 


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