[Advaita-l] One more thing on question of srI Krishnamoorthy

Animesh darkdevil114 at rocketmail.com
Sat Apr 4 12:18:29 CDT 2015

Namaste sir  ,

In previous mail one thing was not cleared .That was will of being mukta or burning desire of salvation or self realization. If you have that than even demigods can help you in spiritual path otherwise  even pratyaksh bramha roopa devatas can't. Examples of rAvana , bAnAsura , Hiranyakashyapa are enough to show if you have materialistic desires then even pratyaksh bramha roopa devatas  can't lead you towards spiritual path. From A realized soul like Avdhoot dattAtreya king sahstrabAhu seeked siddis and materialistic boons on other hand king alarka seeked divine knowledge of bramhavidya and both were granted .Same story of King suratha and samAdhI is there in devimahtmaya , king seeked eternal kingdom and samAdhi vaishya seeked Atmavidhya and both were granted by Ambaa.


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