[Advaita-l] Today Bhagavan Ramanuja Jayanti too

sreenivasa murthy narayana145 at yahoo.co.in
Fri Apr 24 09:42:52 CDT 2015

Dear Sri Keshava Prasad,
    "So then, the  locus  of  avidya  as well as  vidya  is the  antahkaraNa; the locus of the  antahkaraNa  is the  jIva; the locus of  the/a/any/all  jIva  is  mUla-avidya; and finally, the locus of mUla-avidya is(must be) none other than that ultimate base,  brahmavastu. 
Hope that the above reasoning is equally acceptable to a  seeker-jIva  as well as a  jIvanmukta-jIva  and all others in between. 
praNaamsKeshava Prasad Halemane "
>From the above explanation, what fact emerges out? Everything is Brahman. By realizing one's true nature as Brahman there is an end to all these and everything. Is it not better and fruitful to devote one's time and energy to know Brahman instead of explaining all the points enumerated in the above excerpt?
How to know Brahman? A study and cognition of what has been stated in Mantras 2-1-3 & 2-1-4 of Kathopanishad and  mantra 2-4 of Kenopanishad  with sri Shankara's commentary  within oneself by oneself will help one to go beyond all these  discussions. 
    This is what my Revered Guru taught me : " one who realizes that his true svarUpa is akShara which is prior to all akSharas (varNas) , concepts and beliefs is brahmajnani".
With warm and respectful regards,Sreenivasa Murthy


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