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Krishnamoorthji - PraNAms

Brahman being infinite and pure existence, it cannot but be adhishtaanam for everything that includes the jiiva(s) and jagat and whatever they are locus of - that includes the ajnaanma of jiivas and their jnaanma too - since they are mithyaa, they do not affect Brahman and Brahman remains as pure ekam eva adviteeyam. Advaita resorts to mithyaa aspect to everything other than Brahman. Hence from vyaavahaarika point Brahman can be adhishtaanam for jiiva and his avidyaa too as well as his jnaanam. From Brahman point there is no creation even to discuss of jiiva, avidya and vidya. 

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 have a doubt.Avidya can not have an independent existence.It
 exists in jivas minds who are in vyavaharika Brahman being
 the adhishtana for the jivas.Then how it is appropriate to
 reach the conclusion that Avidya which is dependent on jivas
 for its existence can have Brahman as its
 ashraya-support?.They appear to be

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