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Sreenivasa murthyji - PraNAms

Here is my understanding.

To define space and time we need a reference state. Time is a gap between two sequential events by an observer (conscious entity) and space is gap between two simultaneous observations.  The waking state is most general state where will full work can go on and also where one not only exhausts his Vasanaans but can accumulate new ones and where one can gain the knowledge by developing appropriate viveka by sadhana. Hence waking state from the universal reference states.

>From that reference, one goes to sleep in time and space (say in the house-bed room, or hotel room, etc) and also for a length of time - all related to the waking state. 

With the reference to dreamer the space-time coordinates and the measurements also shift. Dreamer will have his own coordinates that can differ from waker's point. Hence from waker's point the space-time coordinates do not match or nor one can make a relationship or transformation matrix for it. 

In deep sleep state - there is no space and time - experience. One transcends both but yet not recognized by the deep-sleeper since mind is also folded. 

Hence one cannot independently analyze since analysis involves a waker's reference other than any fragmentary remembrances of  dream experiences and restful-ness of the deep-sleep state. One can measure by electrodes the electrical signal that are relevant to the brain but that is only waker's reference. 

Dreams can be analyzed by a waker using his own psychological theories. 

The analysis of the underlying truth - the turiiyam aspect - only Vedanta is pramaana.

Hope this helps.

Hari Om!

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 to all.Dear learned members,
     A  friend of mine whois a serious student of Vedanta
 asked me the following questions:
  [a-1] : The states of waking, dream and deepsleep, are
 these states thatare events that occur in time?
  [a-2] Do these events occur in space ?
  [a-3] Do these events occur in the same time/space
 series? [a-4] I appropriatethese events to myself. Then who
 is that 'I' that is common to all these states?  [a-5] Is
 it possible to getanswers to these questions from LIFE only
 without referring to any scriptures ?
 I request the members to throw light on these questions.
 With warm and respectful regards,
   Sreenivasa Murthy.
 With respectful regards,Sreenivasa Murthy
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