[Advaita-l] ***UNCHECKED*** Weather Vedas are considered as false in ultimate reality? Vadiraaja Tirtha's Nyaayaratnavali 357- 358

Venkatesh Murthy vmurthy36 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 01:46:01 CDT 2015


Vaadiraaja has taken wrong interpretation for Advaita's theory Sruti
is also not ultimate reality.

तद्दुग्धदोग्ध्री गौरेषा प्रक्षिपन्ती न कर्कटी ।
यन्मिथ्यात्वश्रुतिश्चाह न मिथ्यात्वं स्वनाशकम् ।
तत्सत्यार्थश्रुतेरर्थव्यत्यासाय श्रमो वृथा ॥
That Sruti is like a Cow giving milk but not like a female crab giving
birth. The Sruti speaking of Mithyaatva is not saying that Mithyaatva
itself will get destroyed. The Sruti is saying objects are real.
Therefore your effort to change the meaning of Sruti is a waste.

He is using Karkatee Garbha Nyaya. When a female crab gives birth it
dies after giving birth. He is saying Advaitis are treating Sruti like
a Karkatee. Sruti will give Brahma Jnana and immediately die itself.
How can this be correct? Sruti is not a female crab but like a Cow
giving milk. The Cow will not die by giving milk. The milk is Brahma
Jnana but it will not make Sruti false.

Advaiti reply - He is using a wrong example. Sruti is like a secret
treasure map. You want to find a hidden treasure. The map will guide
you to find it. But after you find the treasure will you keep on
looking at the map? it is not necessary. This is a practical example.
Another thing is if Sruti is also there with Brahman in Moksha there
will be two things. One will be Brahman and second thing will be
Sruti. Therefore it is not correct if Sruti is always existing like



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