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praNAms Sri Harsha prabhuji
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While you can wait for Sri Siva Senani Nori prabhuji's clarification on your doubts, here is my understanding:

If deep sleep is moksha,every day night I go to deep sleep..that means I will go to moksha every night...

>  mOksha is our svarUpa and it is not an external avasthA that we want to reach every day after falling asleep.  But yes, sushupti is the state which is compared with mOksha since it is an upAdhi-rahita (avyakta) state.  And for that matter when we are waking and dream states where upAdhi-s having its sway there also there is no harm to our mOkshAvasthA since this svarUpa of ours is avasthAteeta.  And again yes, we will be there in our svarUpa in sushupti every night.  We have to thank the almighty for granting this access to our svarUpa every night :-)  And more importantly nobody would ask you to explain your anubhava in sushuptAvastha because the anubhava of sushuptAvasthA is one and same for all the jeeva-s.   

Then ,what is the need to learn it from vedas or why we have struggle or to learn from guru..brahma jgnana..and gain moksha?

>  to realize that we are that ekamevAdviteeya Atma svarUpa and this jnAna is absent (jnAnAbhAva) in sushupti (because of ekatvaM) & we have to use the shama damAdi samskarita mana to realize this truth through shAstra and AchAryOpadesha. 

2)What is the difference between moksha and everyday deep sleep?

>  In sushupti there is an abhAva of our svarUpa jnAna, though we are very much in our svarUpa ( some advaita AchArya-s call it kAraNAvidyA or mUlAvidyA) where as in muktAvasthA we are awaken to that truth that we have in sushupti.   

3)Once we get moksha then there is no re birth and we always be in moksha state or deep sleep state ...
Even every day I go to deep sleep or moksha state,where there is no jgnana or any other thing (nirguna state)...then what make me to wake up ?
As after moksha state no return to this jagath..Only nirguna state...
Similarly we should not wake up to this jagath after deep sleep ...everyday,because we have reached deep sleep state where there is no jgnana or any other thing..no no question of wake up state after deep sleep...

>  According to the siddhAnta drushti there is no legitimate reason to provide an answer to this question since it has been already determined that Atman is avasthAteeta and jeeva is none other than brahman.  To say that everyday he (Atman) experiences the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep is aparamArtha or from the adhyArOpa drushti.  Anyway, to address this question from vyAvahArika drushti, it appears that there exists Ikya (unity) and in other two states distinctions exist (due to Atman's upAdhi saMbandha).  Although the socalled jeeva merges or become one with brahman in sushupti (again some traditionalists say this merging is not with parabrahma but with kArya brahma or sOpAdhika brahma :-) as long as he does not cognize his brahmasvarUpa he appears as if he is existing distinct from brahman.  Therefore it is quite necessary to denote that merely on the ground of jeeva's experiencing sushupti and ekatva in that state, no jeeva can attain mukti it is again as a matter of fact that though he is in svarUpa that svarUpa jnAna is absent in that avasthA.  And from the paramArthika point of view the three states of Atman (i.e. waking, dream and sleep) are dreams only nothing else.  Tasya traya avasthA trayee svapnAH clarifies shruti, paramAtman appearing as if having (undergoing) the three states is due to mAya (mAyAmAtraM ) clarifies bhAshyakAra in sUtra bhAshya.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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