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praNAms Sri Ravi Kiran prabhuji
Hare Krishna

All questions and explanations are only for the upAdhi-sahita jIva in jAgrat to have nirupAdhita Brahma jnAna

Ø   I think the poser of the question is waking jeeva who is upAdhi-sahita and asking this question in waking state and needs an answer with regard to his own state sushupti.  Hence answer needs to be formed accordingly from the jAgrad avastha.

In the presence of jnAna svarUpa (prajnAna ghaNa), what need is there for any jnAna or ajnAna ?

Ø   To realize that we are not even prajnAna Ghana, na antaH prajnA, na bahirprajnA and we are shivaM, shantaM & advaitam. This jnAna is required for the jeeva who is associating himself with avasthA and asking these question.  As you know, nobody would ask these questions in sushupti ☺

when we exist as the sva-svarUpa, why need for jnAna in sushupti?
All jnAna is required in jAgrat where ajnAna is experienced ..

Ø   Yes, prabhuji, you answered your own question above.  jnAna is required for the one who is in ajnAna / avidyA.

If you experience ajnAna clearly/candidly in deep sleep and you can describe it, you are surely not in sushupti, you may be in dream or some mano-avastha :)

Ø     In advaita to give more clarity on tureeya the prAjnA has been highlighted and hence shankara to make it clear somewhere says : in sushupti jeeva becomes merged (laya) ‘as it were’ (praleena iva) in his Atman, for this the reason is the absence of upAdhi-s  in this state unlike the other two states.  By the way jnAnAbhAva what is supposedly  there in sushupti is not bhAvarUpa to say it really exists in sushupti as a material cause for adhyAsa in other two states.  jnAnAbhAva would not a hindrance for the jeeva to attain his sva-svarUpa in sushupti.

All such necessity for cognition of BrahmasvarUpa arises in jAgrat and hence the importance of sushupti drstAnta for manana in jAgrat, to those  who so wishes to make use of it, to de-invest/de-identify the reality given to jAgrat :)

Ø   Yes prabhuji, you said it right prabhuji. It is from the jAgrat avasthA we are analyzing the other two states, since in jAgrat avastha the vishva is associated himself with limited adjuncts (upAdhi-s) he has to realize his svarUpa which is available in sushupti through shama damAdhi susamskruta mana ( the available tool ) with the help of shAstra and AcharyOpadesha.
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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