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> Hari Om,
> Namaste.
> परिणाम and विवर्त
> pariNAma and vivarta
> I heard one sloka
> अतात्त्विको अन्यथा भाव  विवर्त उदिरित
> तात्त्विको अन्यथा भाव परिणाम
> atAttviko anyathA bhAva  vivarta udirita
> tAttviko anyathA bhAva pariNAma
> I could not grasp the words accurately. Please give me the correct sloka.
> Please also explain the meaning of the sloka as per Advaita Vendata.

The above statement means:

'Vivarta' is that 'change', 'becoming something else', which is unreal.
 [The example of a rope that is wrongly seen / grasped as a snake]

Pariṇāma is that change, becoming something else, which is real. [The
analogy of milk becoming something else, curd.]

In the first case the rope does not undergo any change really; it is only
wrongly seen to be a snake.  Yet, from the point of view of error, it is
spoken of as having undergone a change, by courtesy.

It is only in the second case there is a real change in the original
object.  It does undergo a true transformation which leaves it completely a
different object.

As per Vedanta, Brahman is wrongly seen as the world/jiva and hence there
is no transformation of Brahman; it is only an erroneous perception. Hence,
a vivarta.

For the Sānkhyas, the mūlaprakṛti transforms into the world through a

The syntactical correctness of the statement provided cannot be verified as
the source of the same is not known.


> Thank you and regards
> -- durga prasad
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