[Advaita-l] Jagadguru Speaks: Hindu Samskaras

S Jayanarayanan sjayana at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 8 13:54:39 CDT 2015

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Samskaras are rites performed to purify an object. The purificatory effect is
two-fold; one, a new quality is created in the object; and two, it removes the
blemishes. These two are called the seen and unseen effects of the Samskaras.
If a vessel, for example, is washed well, its impurities are eliminated and it
becomes bright and clean. This is the seen or perceived effect. When an object is
sanctified by water charged with a mantra, the purificatory effect is unseen, or subtle.
The Dharma Sastras indicate a few Samskaras which help the human being to
purify the body. They are chiefly 16 in Samskaras, the person is purified in seen
and unseen ways. Thus, these Samskaras are essential.
All those who believe in the Sastras would benefit from the practice of these
Samskaras. There is a proper age prescribed for the performance of each one of these
Samskaras. If that is maintained, the effects of the Samskaras are greater. There are,
however, substitute periods (kalas) given, if a person misses the appropriate time
indicated in the Sastras.
May you all perform the prescribed Samskaras and obtain the benefits they

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