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Chandramouliji - PraNAms

Thanks and thanks for the audio. 

Yes I have been attending his talks since I came back to India during the end of June, and taking notes as I listen to his talks. I attend Friday, Saturday, Sunday morning classes, since Astika Samaj, where he gives talks is only walking distance from my place. Yesterday I was there. Sometimes I do discuss with him after the class, for clarification of what he mentioned. Yesterday was also one such day. 

Few years ago I had written on Critical analysis of Vedanta Paribhasha , which Dennis Waite had edited and can accessed via www.advaitaforum.org. 

As I understand, there are no Vedanta theories of perception or epistemological analysis. When you mentioned Vedanta - I was asking Upanishad's references. 

Different Dashanikas has followed their own list of pramaanas that are acceptable for them. Advatia doctrine follows closely the meemaamsa - particularly Bhattas. 

Epistemology is still evolving subject and question is only where objective analysis ends and where objective tools are not valid for further analysis of how pramaa takes place. 

Coming from Science background, I am interested in facts that can be verified, facts that experienced but cannot be objectively evaluated- since the foundation for the theories - anubhava - yukti and shaastra. If shaastra is not accounting the anubhava then we have to see which part is apoursheyam and which is pourushyam. 

Pourusheyam parts can be evolved to accommodate the new data that come in. This is how any science evolves - including epistemology. As Shankara points out if Shastra says fire is cold, we have to extract some lakshyaartha or discard if otherwise since it is contradictory to anabhava. 

Just my 2c.

Hari Om!

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 Dear Sri Sadananda
 Though the subject is closed, since you had
 mentioned earlier that you were following the talks on
 Vichara Sagara by Swami Paramarthananda , I could not resist
 the temptation to draw your attention to the reference made
 in the latest talk delivered by Swami Paramarthananda
 yesterday ( on 08 August ) concerning Akhandakara Vritti as
 well as contribution of Vedanta Paribhasha to Vichara
 Sagara. The talk can be accessed at the link << http://www.mediafire.com/download/os2dsmje1i6528k/VS-158-8thAug15.mp3
 >> . 
 Pranams and Regards
 On Tue, Jul 28, 2015
 at 12:30 PM, H S Chandramouli <hschandramouli at gmail.com>
 Vichara Sagara itself follows the definitions as
 given in Vedanta Paribhasha. Sri Swami Paramarthananda Ji
 himself mentions this in his current lectures , though I do
 not remember off hand the specific talk in which he has
 mentioned as such. Perhaps one of the other members who are
 following the talks could furnish this info. I will
 certainly furnish other references perhaps a little later as
 I am going out of town and wont be having access to my mails
 for a few days.
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 antaHkaraNa vR^itti?
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 Can you give me some references. Thanks


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